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LED Spectrum Mask for Home Use

Model: AMS301

The LED face mask has shown to be an effective treatment tool for different skin aging conditions, and includes functions for skin rejuvenation, acne clearing, and pigmentation removal. It is also equipped with three LED lamps that are easily changed. The LED skin rejuvenation tool uses all LED light therapy, which is 100% safe as LED lights do not give off harmful radiation and heat. Unlike laser treatment, they also will not damage skin, meaning there are no side effects and no downtime needed for recovery.

Wavelength 470nm/520nm/625nm
Output intensity 50mw/cm2
LED quantity 145 pcs for each wavelength/total 435pcs
Setting time Max 50 minutes
Voltage & Power consumption 100~240VAC 50/60Hz

Red: 625±10nm red light is known as the biological activity of light, with a high purity, light intensity, and uniform energy density. Red light increases cell activity, increases the cell’s metabolism, which makes the skin create more collagen and fibrous tissue to fill itself. By accelerating the blood circulation, skin elasticity and skin complexion is improved, achieving an anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and repairing effect that traditional skin care is unable to achieve. The main effects include whitening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, damaged skin repair, shrink pores and increase collagen production.

Blue: 470±10nm blue light inhibits inflammation. Blue light also destroys the bacteria Propionic acid bacillus (the primary factor in acne formation), without damaging skin tissue. This reduces, and in some cases, even heals acne within a short period of time. It sterilizes, inhibits oil secretion, eliminates acne bacteria, and is an effective treatment of acne and pockmarks.

Green: 520±10nm green light is a neutral color, with a balanced and stable role. It improves rough skin, wrinkles, and acne problems caused by fatigue and stress.

Working Theory
The photon beauty instrument mask is the latest in high tech beauty equipment, and uses a 99% ultra-high purity biological LED lamp imported from the United States. The LED face mask uses a unique optical signaling technology, rather than thermal effects. LED cold light, also known as a cold laser, is a narrow spectral monochromatic light with a high purity and high security levels. As it does not contain harmful ultraviolet or infrared light, it is extremely safe. LED cold light does not produce thermal effects, giving customers an ultimate rejuvenation effect.

Why use LED light therapy?
1. There are no side effects and is 100% safe. It has been proven effective in research studies, and helps essential absorption in the skin. One treatment with the LED spectrum mask is equal to 5 treatments with a traditional mask.
2. Unlike laser or chemical peels, it does not damage the skin.
3. No radiation or heat is given off.
4. The LED beauty treatment is cost effective, as the LED lights last for over 10 years.

Is there something that I should pay attention to before treatment?
Before beginning treatment, your skin should not touch alcohol, acetaldehyde, or other flammable liquids. If the machine is cleaned using any of these materials, make sure it is completely dry and the alcohol or cleaning agent has completely evaporated. Do not watch the high impulse light directly.

What are indications I should not use the LED treatment tool?
1. Skin hemorrhages or sensitivity to light
2. Vitiligo, severe inflammation of facial kin
3. Do not use in surgery or on open wounds
4. Children and elderly should not use this beauty equipment.
5. If taking allergy medications, do not use this beauty treatment tool.

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