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Cavitation Skin Scrubber for Home Use

Model: AMS601

Using an ultrasonic principle design, a deep clean of the skin is achieved, exfoliating the cuticles, clearing pores of cosmetic residues and excess bacteria, and allows for easier absorption of necessary oils for healthy skin.
This beauty machine uses a high frequency vibration for a deep skin massage, while promoting movement for microcirculation, fat burning, and excreting metabolites for a better cleaning effect. Using special shovel probes, the skin scrubber can effectively get into the dermis layer of the skin using sonic vibrations to remove dirt and excess bacteria to clean the pores in a fast, effective manner. Waste is removed, allowing the skin to better absorb healthy nutrients, leading to a cleaner skin effect.

1. Deep clean: A 45 degree angle in the operation mode speeds up the skin cell’s metabolic rate, restoring it to its natural rate to promote cell shedding, soften skin, improve skin elasticity, frim the skin, and return it to a smooth and delicate state.
2. Import nutrients and activate muscles: Using thermal effects and overlocking vibration, blood circulation in the dermis is improved, and lymphatic drainage is accelerated. Toxins deposited in the skin are discharged, as are aging cells, thus avoiding an accumulation of dead skin cells, allowing moisture and nutrients to pass through easier, improving the skin’s overall texture and appearance.
3. Tapping massage, eliminate wrinkles: As a person gets older, the body gradually reduces its physiological functions, cell metabolism slows down, the skin renewal period increases, epidermal cells are arranged in a declining pattern, and skin begins to sag. The cavitation skin scrubber is designed to restore the elasticity, and eliminate wrinkles.

Frequency 21~26KHz
Power supply DC5V 1.0A
Power 1.8W
Voltage input 100-240V 50Hz
Weight 120g
Size 470x35x170nn
Charge time About 60min
Use time About 60min

How to Use
Power on: press and hold for 1 second to turn on.
Hold the metal plate securely and keep contact with your hand while the power is on.
Note that there are two sides (TIP side/ folded side) of the blade for each function.
After use, wipe with a wet towel and again with a dry one. Keep in dry condition.

Different Modes
P- Peeling Mode :This mode exfoliates your skin with ultrasonic vibration.

D- Deliver Mode:This mode functions by ionizing a serum and maximizes effects of delivery and absorption of nutrients to your skin.

M- Massage Mode:This mode helps to increase skin elasticity and blood circulation.

Contrast between cleaning methods
Cleaning Type Cleaning Level Effect
Common facial cleanser or black head remover Only cleans the skin’s surface, does not go deeper If the level of clean is not as clean as it should be, more skin problems will arise.
Finger popping, vacuum or acne needle Cleans deeper than the skin’s surface, but still does not penetrate very deeply The skin’s pores increase in size, and acne will return. This method also harms your skin as it ages.
Ultrasonic skin cleansing machine Deepest level of clean, penetrating multiple layers This machine cleans deeply using a vibration method that is safe, and promotes skin nutrition.
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